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Most Recommended Car Tracking System in Ogun State


Have always been scared of losing your cars?

Presently the rate of car theft in Ogun State has increased due to some reasons, and if your car is not adequately secured, it may fall, a victim.

Imagine if you can save and tame the vehicles of you and your beloved ones? Have you also wished that you can always monitor your location whenever you drove to a place you know nothing about? Are you still in pain because you couldn’t help the Nigeria Police Force in their search of your lost vehicles?

Do you know that there are many causes of car theft in Ogun State and we are to list out some of the reasons for car theft and they include:

Major Causes of Car Thefts

Car theft is no longer a piece of new news in Nigeria, and for this reason, it will be of good help to know the reasons why car thieves will always want to steal your newly bought car or the old car you value so much.

1. High Demand Of Certain Car Parts:

Demand in some of the parts of a vehicle is always high, so for this case, smart thieves will steal the car, strip down all of the components in high demand and then sell them to used auto parts.

2. Demand For Specific Cars:

Take, for instance, Toyota Corolla is highly demanded in Nigeria. What smart car thieves do is that they steal these high demand cars and change the plate number and repaint the vehicle which would make it so unidentified by its owner, and then they sell them quickly to unsuspecting buyers.

3. Car Theft Syndicates From Other Countries:

Cars are stolen from a different country and then sold out in another country by car theft Syndicates. And this is quickly done and perfected by car thieves because of poor communication between African Police.

All of these reasons why your car is stolen is shocking right?

So, therefore, the best way you can secure your is by installing a good car tracking device. At this point, I am going to show you in this article, the best company in Nigeria that can secure your car for you, all you have to do is read on.

Car drivers and owners are sometimes complaining that they don’t know how to purchase a good car tracker and when they do ask me all I always tell them is before they buy a tracking device first thing you do is know how the car tracking device works and how they render their services. With this, it will give you what quality and value you want to buy.

In this case, Car Tracker Nigeria is the best company for you. Car Tracker Nigeria has always been able to give their clients the best quality services making the client still coming back for more of their services.

Amazing Benefits Of Car Tracker Nigeria.

Car Tracker Nigeria is a Nigeria company in Lagos which sole aim is to protect each vehicle of its clients with the help of his astounding staffs. They sell and install car tracking software (GPS). They also sell speed limit device that enables you to limit the speed of your vehicle, and they take it has their top priority in giving your car the security it needs.

But wait it gets better. They do not only sell and install a car tracking device, but they also render other car security services, which include:

Anti-shatter window film

Personal or pet tracking

Under vehicle scanners

Lots More e.t.c

Aren’t these Benefits amazing?

Over the past years, Car Tracker Nigeria developers and other staffs built software alongside the tracking device that has made it possible for every client to navigate all-around Nigerian.

Roads In Ogun state That Support “Car Tracker Nigeria” Car Tracking devices.

Knowing the roads your car tracker can reach will be a great help in making more accessible when you are voyaging in and out of Ogun state and these roads :

  • Ado Odo road
  • Ebute Ikorodu road
  • Ejirin road
  • Fiditi road
  • Ibadan road
  • Ifo road
  • Igbo Ora road
  • Ijebu-Ode road
  • Ikeja road
  • Ilaro road
  • Iperu road
  • Isara road
  • Mekkaw road
  • Orita Eruwa road
  • Owode road
  • Shagamu road
  • Lagos road
  • Ibadan road
  • Shagamu road
  • Ebute Ikorodu road
  • Oyo road
  • Ijebu-Ode road
  • Ikire road
  • Iwo road
  • Ilorin road
  • Ijebu-Igbo road
  • Modakeke road
  • Ilesa road
  • Gbongan road
  • Akure road
  • Ondo road
  • Inisa road
  • Effon Alaiye road
  • Ejigbo road
  • Saki road
  • Ilobu road
  • Ikirun road
  • Ila Orangun road
  • Ijero-Ekiti road
  • Igboho road
  • Offa road
  • Kishi road
  • Ikerre road

Affordable Prices And Quality Services Of “Car Tracker Nigeria” CAR TRACKING DEVICES.

As it may seem that their services are top classes doesn’t mean that their prices aren’t affordable. Car Tracker Nigeria has made it company stand out among other car tracking company by its affordable prices that make its clients keep coming for of their services.

And these prices are the best you can ever get anywhere, and they include:

For the Silver Plan:


Mobile Only & Google Map Tracking

SMS Engine Control

Location with Map

SMS Engine Control

Voice Monitoring

12 Months Warranty

Free Installation

For Golden Plan:


Mobile Only & Google Map Tracking

SMS Engine Control

Location with Map

SMS Engine Control

Voice Monitoring

12 Months Warranty

Free Installation

Mobile Tracking

Self Tracking

Web/PC Tracking


Over-Speed Alert

Accident Alert

Premium Tracking

Real-time tracking

Fleet Management Option

A Year History Record

Free Update/Upgrade

Self Tracking.

After looking at the prices and the quality services, they render I don’t think you will still prefer to purchase from the company that isn’t professional and their services aren’t quality.

The best company where you can secure your vehicle and must have heard about Car tracker Nigeria whose developers and other staffs have a minimum of nine(9) working years of experience and to add to it, their prices are affordable, and the services are the best rendered in Nigeria.

To get yours installed from Car Tracker Nigeria and have access to other services of theirs all you to do is click on the link below.

Therefore, secure your vehicle at all time by getting a good car tracking system installed fully and working always.

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