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The sad truth that many people seem to overlook these days is that, their cars may not be as safe as they think. Since 2016 till date car theft cases increased, i.e, recording over a thousand vehicles stolen in Abuja. Perhaps more worrying still, according to the data of Nigeria Police Force statistics, over 80% vehicle theft reported between 2016-19 has gone unsolved – just as the case of an unfortunate resident who was attacked and his car was snatched at Ademola Adetokunbo by 8:30 pm on 29t of January 2019.

What’s more, people being people, it doesn’t really take a criminal act to Rob us of our vehicles. Sometimes we might perhaps park our cars in a spot and because of our absent-mindedness, we lose the vehicle.

You might also be voyaging the roads going to a specific location you know nothing about, and since you have no car tracking system installed you will come to realize that you are completely lost.

Seeing how much of a risk your vehicle is into, you would be in search of a good car tracking company in Abuja. Thankfully, Car Tracker Nigeria has the solution.

Without wasting time, I would give a brief info about our company.

Car Tracker Abuja, Nigeria

Car tracker Nigeria company in Abuja has its base in Lagos, a Nigerian car tracking device and automobile security solution company with its offices spread across Nigeria. We sell and install the best car tracking devices in the Nigerian


industry. For years now, we’ve worked with quite a lot of organizations, including government agencies across Nigeria. A list of our satisfied customers speaks volume for our high-end service delivery.

And wait there is more to it. Because we do not just sell and install car tracking devices. We also offer GPS tracking service as well and installation of car parking management which includes:

  • Anti-shatter window film
  • Personal or pet tracking
  • Under vehicle scanners
  • Lots More e.t.c
  • Let’s take a look on how our company’s tracking devices works.

    How Car Tracker Nigeria Tracking Devices Works

    To make it more intense I will be showing you how our tracking devices operates. And along the line you will be fascinated with the benefits that comes for using our car tracking device.

    Car tracker Nigeria tracking device stands among the very few fleet management companies that uses turnkey GPS tracking software that is capable of showing you your vehicle real time position and location included. Our tracking software developers are well experienced and skilled, and they created a real live map view with a street address that will guide you for a quick recovery of your stolen car.

    Customers who were not able tune in to on-going discussions presently have the alternative to tune in to constant discussions between the driver and sole passenger(s) by means of a little camera that accompanies the tracking device. Thanks for the innovation progression, all of these are now possible with the latest devices.
    With the help of our well-experienced Abuja car tracker Nigeria has the total ability to track any vehicle within Nigeria. Here is a list of the large cities nearby road our company tracking device support in FCT, Abuja:

    Kaduna road
    Jos road
    Minna road
    Makurdi road
    Lafia road
    Bida road
    Owo road.

    Before you can consider subscribing into a product, every reasonable person has to look for how it is going to be beneficial. That been pointed out, let’s see how important and useful car tracker Nigeria devices can be:
    Four(4) Great Importance And Uses Of “CAR TRACKER NIGERIA Devices.”
    1) You can decide your area; this is significant when voyaging. Regardless of whether you’re voyaging locally or in an outside land, having a GPS is genuinely a bit of leeway. In the event that you believe you’re lost, you can utilize your GPS beneficiary to know your specific area.

    2) You can decide the area of your love ones; assume you don’t have the smallest idea where your friends and family have gone. On the off chance that their vehicle has an initiated or installed GPS, you can without much of a stretch track them down.

    3) You can acquire other relevant information that can be of good use later one; The area of information gotten from the GPS is three dimensional – scope, height, and longitude. This implies the information is exact.

    4) If a vehicle is stolen or has car theft issues, considering the low rate of technology we have in Oyo state the police would find it so difficult in helping you to recover your lost vehicle without giving you any assurance if it is going to be found. But by installing a sound car tracking system (GPS), you can in all possible ways to track your vehicle whereby helping yourself and also helping the police in their search.

    Exciting right?

    To see how important a car tracking software is to your vehicle. By now you should admit that you are no longer considering to get one installed for your car but in damn need of one.
    Price Range Of “Car Tracking Nigeria” Services

    One of the charming benefits that make car tracker Nigeria stands out among other companies is that we render great services to our clients at very affordable prices and these prices include:

    Silver Plan
    Mobile Only & Google Map Tracking

    SMS Engine Control
    Location with Map
    SMS Engine Control
    Voice Monitoring
    12 Months Warranty
    Free Installation

    Golden Plan
    Mobile Only & Google Map Tracking

    SMS Engine Control
    Location with Map
    SMS Engine Control
    Voice Monitoring
    12 Months Warranty
    Free Installation
    Mobile Tracking
    Self Tracking
    Web/PC Tracking
    Over-Speed Alert
    Accident Alert
    Premium Tracking
    Real-time tracking
    Fleet Management Option
    A Year History Record
    Free Update/Upgrade
    Self Tracking.

    Isn’t the prices just too affordable despite the awesome extra bundles that come along? What are you waiting for?

    Feel Free to contact us by clicking on the link below to get all of our services. And we assure you a better way to surf any location and also to track any vehicle.

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